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Current patient information

Dear Patient, 

the MVZ Stiller GmbH practice in Berlin and at the other locations are still open for you. We offer you the entire spectrum of dentistry in compliance with the necessary hygiene and distance rules due to the corona pandemic. 

Make appointments at MVZ Stiller GmbH 

If you feel healthy, have no symptoms of illness such as fever or cold symptoms, you can attend your appointment.  

We get written confirmation that you feel healthy, have not recently entered from risk areas and have not had contact with people who have tested positive. (The usual quarantine rules apply here anyway, if this is the case with you.) 

How should you behave at the appointment in practice? 

  • Please come to the appointment alone, unless you need help due to health problems, or it is necessary to accompany children. 
  • Please wear your mask until you are asked to take it off for the treatment. 
  • Keep the safety distances. As an aid, markings are drawn on the floor. 
  • Wash and disinfect your hands before entering the treatment room. 
  • Gargle for 1 minute with a germ-reducing solution that our assistants will give you. 

What do you need to know about the emergency dental service during the pandemic? 

Dental emergencies are of course taken care of. If you feel sick or are even ill with COVID 19, we will coordinate our special procedure with you by phone. The appropriately qualified emergency service will then take over your dental emergency care. 

What protective measures do our dentists and our team take? 

  • From a dental point of view, all applicable hygiene recommendations of the relevant professional associations are of course strictly adhered to. 
  • Our measures include: wearing protective clothing, keeping a distance, where possible, thorough disinfection of surfaces, patient management without great overlapping of appointments, so that a meeting of several patients can be avoided. 
  • We refrain from friendly handshakes and greet you verbally and, of course, with a smile! 
  • We ask patients who feel sick to postpone their appointment and come to us when they feel better. 
  • Currently, many employees of the dental practices can take advantage of the vaccination offer, so that the majority of the staff should be vaccinated within the next two months. 

What measures can you take yourself? 

  • Take care of yourself and let us know at the slightest suspicion if an infection is on the way. Please inform us especially if you have been ill with COVID-19 or have recently had contact with people who have tested positive. 
  • Behave in a generally considerate manner, observe the hygiene and distance rules. 
  • Wear your protective mask whenever it is required. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly several times a day. 
  • Observe the general rules of coughing and sneezing.